Threshold 2.0 photography exhibition

We are happy to present the photography exhibition of the Corinthian Photography Club: Threshold 2.0

Opening: Saturday 25th January 2020 at 19:30
Duration: 25/01 - 31/01/2020
Venue: SIILK GALLERY, Athens
Under the auspices of the Corinth Exposed Photography Festival,The Peloponesian Institute of the Arts, and the Corinthian Photography Club


The Corinthian Photography Club, which in itself is at the threshold of creative evolution, explores the diverse meanings of the word «threshold», in an effort to understand and use a contemporary, non-verbal, representative communication.

"Threshold concepts” is a fundamental transformational assimilation of concepts that convey transition to deeper levels of understanding. This intermediate place between any change or transformation is indefinitely defined but marks the final destination.

Curation: Anastasis Protopapas

Participant members of the Corinthian Photography Club:

Anna Dimitrokalli
Lorena Kirk Giannoulis
Yiannis Patronis
Georgios Tzafis
Fani Karanikola
Dimitra Kapsalaki
Athanasios Skazas
Anastasis Protopapas
Sofia Petikidi
Maria Polydorou
Manos Kounelakis
Socratis Lambropoulos
Giorgos Georgopoulos
Katerina Filopoulou
Vlasis Mavraganis

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